Am I ready to Part-A?

Exactly 5 months from today I will have finished attempting the Faculty of Public Health’s notorious Part A exam… Oooh I have a LOT of work to do in that time!

But first things first… stationary!  Isn’t it the best?  I started preparation by buying folders to organise my notes – a bit disappointed by the selection in WHSmiths, but I’m sure I’ll make up for it by colour coordinating my notes *whips out the felt tips*.  It’s a bit like that ‘back-to-school’ new term feeling; nothing beats the sights and smells of new stationary.

In a *strange* way I’m looking forward to the Part A preparation – I find public health fascinating and intellectually probing.  Yet I have heard many a nightmare-ish story of these exams.  The key messages from peers seem to be ‘get to know a little bit of everything’  ‘don’t let it stress you out‘ and ‘make sure you go on holiday before it all kicks off”

…and I shall take that advice to heart, with a little ‘staycation’ next week. 🙂

I intend to use the ‘work’ side of this blog to discuss things I’m reading and learning about public health as I prepare for the FPH exams.  I don’t honestly expect anyone to read it – I just hope it’ll be a good method to reflect on what I’m learning and ‘do a Part A’ in thinking through the public health implications… so in the words of Kenan and Kel, “Here goes!”


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