And it begins…

Today we had the ‘Introduction to Part A’ day at the Deanery.  We had a brief overview from the TPD, a more detailed intro by a senior ST5 registrar and some advice from some ST3 survivers.

The day started postively, but we all left feeling absolutely knackered and a little overwhelmed.  To an extent it was information overload (in terms of the breadth of thngs we need to do) and the only ‘work’ was planning group study sessions in diaries, agendas and process things… but it’s kicking off so quickly.  Our first group session takes place next Tuesday 6th September and they’re on-going until 20th December…

For each session we will do 1) critical appraisal 2) review past papers relating to the ‘core topic’ that week 3) share notes on ‘hot topics’ 4) ‘statistic of the week’ and therefore have a large amount of ‘homework’ prep too.

…just as I was starting to enjoy having my weekends and evenings back… *sigh* …to the books!


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