Exam Techniques

This week I attended: “Part A Revision Seminar: How to Answer Questions!”

This was a useful session which (thankfully) built up my confidence and also provided some useful practical tips, which I thought might be helpful to share.

(I would like to acknowledge and thank Kirsteen Macleod (ST5) for sharing her wisdom and collated advice – the following information have been taken from her presentation)

ARGH I’ve got to answer a question – how do I start?

  • Identify what aspect of the curriculum the question covers
  • Do a brain dump of all ideas/knowledge/critiques… e.g. spider diagram
  • Think laterally – why is this important to public health? Have wider determinents been considered?
  • Identify an appropriate structure (something logical, e.g. framework)
  • Write a structured answer with bullet points, neat handwriting and headings
  • Use examples to illustrate your answer

What (other than knowledge) is essential to PASS the exam?

  • Be vigilant with timing (you must attempt ALL questions)
  • Write legibly
  • Plan your answers
  • Structure sensibly
  • Work logically through all aspects of the question – be sure to ANSWER THE WHOLE QUESTION

*UPDATE* Health Knowledge have uploaded a page of useful information for Part A preparation here


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