My name is Caroline and I’ve started a blog

I grew up on the small island of Jersey (I am a Jersey Bean!) and have always been interested in public health, yet it has only been the past few years that this has been explicitly realised.  I obtained a BA in Sociology with Social Psychology (2006) and an MSc in Occupational Health Psychology (2007) and most recently completed an MPhil in Public Health (2011).  I’ve worked in a number of workplaces including a national public health team, a local health improvement team and a short stint at a healthcare management consultancy firm.

I’m a Public Health Specialty Registrar (ST2) currently stationed in a PCT.  I work on a number of projects where I develop skills and reflect on learning, as a means of becoming a Consultant in Public Health (accredited by the Faculty of Public Health) *hopefully* in 2015.  Overall I really enjoy my job – It’s varied, meaningful work that challenges me.

I’ve set up this blog primarily to reflect upon public health issues as I prepare for the FPH’s Part A exam, but also hope to be discussing about public health relevant topics more broadly too.


4 responses to “About

  1. I liked your explanation on NNT and NNH – simple and helped me undertsand. Thanks

  2. Caroline, thanks for this blog. I am currently MPH student and find your explaination clear and easy to understand. For this you deserve a statue in your honor!

  3. as u can see in the spelling and grammar errors above- really tired!

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